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She Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What Her Dogs Do When She Is Out. You Will Be Surprised By What You See.

Some dog owners have another dog as they don't want their loyal companion to be lonely.
If there is a friend besides, this makes the dog adapting in an easy way.

So, their mother leaves, they'll not stay lonely. They can play together. But, the owner put a camera to see what the dogs are doing when she leaves them, as she still worried. The reactions of the dogs will shock you.

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This Dog Has Spent His Entire Life In A Cage, Then He Got A Checklist Of Adventure!

After around ten years in a cage and pain, Jada that dog found out that there is many things in life other the pain.

Earlier this month, she and her son were found starving and left to die confined to cages in the basement of a home in Syracuse, New York. After they were rescued, and their former owners charged with animal cruelty, caretakers atHumane CNY had planned on adopting both to a new home — but then theymade a saddening discovery.

Jada has cancer, and likely just a few months left to live.

Faced with the prospect that 9-year-old Jada's time on earth would pass without her ever knowing of any of the little pleasures life has to offer, her rescuers decided to make it their mission to show her.

So, they put together a bucket list, filled with fun activities and experiences for Jada to enjoy before she passes away — things like 'go to McDonald's,' 'ride in a fire truck' and 'be a TV star.' And now, with the help of folks in the community, she's starting to check them off on by one.

On Monday, Jada's bucket list adventure began with a trip to a North Syracuse Fire Department station. There, she donned a little firefighter's outfit and welcomed inside a firetruck.

Amid all the fun activities and the outpouring of support, the formerly mistreated dog is raising some much-needed awareness, too.

'As sad as Jada's story is we have seen an entire community come together and take notice that we have an issue with animal cruelty and neglect in Central New York,' writes Humane CNY. 'If Jada's story helps just one animal our journey becomes one of purpose!'

As time goes on, more items are likely to be added to Jada's lengthy bucket list, but the most important experience of all was fulfilled the moment the adventure began — to feel what it's like to be loved.

To learn more about Jada, and to track her bucket list progress, follow Humane CNY of Facebook.

The shelter has also started a GoFundMe page to help cover Jada's medical expenses.

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