Impatient Nice Dog Get Bored Of Sitting In The Car Waiting For The Owner. Cheerfully, Decided To Take The Matter By His Hands

This funny dog in the video is ready to move on, it is obvious in this hilarious video that the dog tells the owner to be faster by tooting the horn of the car.
When Melissa left a pizza store in Altoona, Pennsylvania, in November, she spotted a curious scene.

She said to the man when he was behind her car that his dogs were having fun and very happy.
But the man just gave her a little kind smile and went to the store. One of dog sat in the back seat and his companion was in the driver's seat, and they both were waiting to hit the road. And the dog in the driver's seat looked at her in a nonchalant manner, before resuming his job.
One of these funny dogs jumped into the driver's seat, and he started to honk the horn, when the owner just entered the store.
Another new arrival got out of his car while the dog did another honk. So the newcomer thought that Melissa had honked the horn as she stood near the car.
Melissa immediately said "It was not me, it was the dog" then she laughed. Then they both laughed at the dogs, waiting for their owner to return.
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