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Homeless Pit Bull And Her Newborn Pup are Saved, But The Mamma Still Has Pups to born, She Delivered another 4!

These people are really so great, as they directly went to the yard when they know that a stray pit bull took her had given birth for her babies there. The mama pooch was so wary of the strangers, and she tried to run off. But the rescuers did not give up until they took the mama dog under their care. She had delivered 5 little puppies, but one them did not make it.

So, they took the family to the veterinarian and named the mama Lexus.
It is really sad truth that millions of dogs are abandoned yearly because of many reasons. And the pit bulls are considered as ‘’dangerous dogs’’, and that what makes people put them down, as there are about 4000 pit bulls are put down on a daily basis. Many people do not realize the truth that pit bulls are kind dogs, and they can be from your own family members.

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