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See what's happening at hummingbird dinner and you will have your jaws dropped

Utterly amazed

This is guaranteed that by the time this video ends, you will be completely shocked at the absolute beauty this video has to offer. The video starts with an amazing view of the sun setting and overlooking a river with a hummingbird feeder in the foreground. Then comes the entry of the two hummingbirds at the sugar water who are ecstatic to enjoy their dinner at such a beautiful place.


Just as time passes, the buzzing of their flapping wings increases and there comes a third darling little hummingbird. Just as a few seconds pass, there comes the frenzy of intense flock of these beautiful and majestic birds, flapping their wings at more than 70 times per second speed. They need a lot of sugar to keep up their pace and fast and furious lifestyle. The man who feeds them deserves huge credit as he feeds them pounds and pounds of sugar every week in order to keep them coming to this place.

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If you have so much as little sympathy for the animals then we have to warn you that this video can make you depressed and lose faith in humanity. This footage shows a horse put down but two others were rescued and they were in an absolutely devastating situation. The name of the beautiful white horse is Quest who was rescued along with a couple of others in a squalid stable filled with animal waste. After they were rescued, it was found out that the dogs were being neglected for 15 years!


Emaciated horses

A total of three horses were found and sadly one of them had to be euthanized for his own good. The condition of the horses is beyond imaginations as the manes of the horse have become 3 feet long and tangled, making him unable to walk. It is believed that they received no medical attention at all and they had gotten so weak that they could barely stand up. Their ribs were clearly visible which showed that they didn't get enough to eat at all.

The dog that had to be put down was named Piper and he had ruptured ligaments and stood no chance of recovery at all. The horses that were rescued were immediately sedated which allowed to vets to cut their hooves that had gotten bizarrely long. It is most probably the worst case of animal neglect and the owner of these horses is now in serious trouble. He is facing charges of animal cruelty and the court will hear the matter soon. Let's hope that the justice is served so that no man can think of treating the animals in the similar way. Good thing is that the two horses are rescued and are getting recovered day by day.

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