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Detectives Search Hollywood Home In Connection To Killing Of Ollie The Pit Bull

Hollywood Police Department crime scene investigators worked well into the night conducting a meticulous and lengthy search of a home in connection to the vicious killing of a pit bull.
Crime scene tape went up around a triplex unit in the 1900 block of Lee Street on Tuesday afternoon.
Officers could be seen pulling items out of the back unit, putting them on a table under a blue tent.

Investigators said it’s connected to the horrific abuse suffered by Ollie the pit bull mix, who was found stabbed over 50 times and stuffed in a blue suitcase back in early October.
“How can you do that to a dog and just live your life and move 
on?” said Tanya Prince.
Prince, who lives nearby, she remembers seeing the dog playing in the alleyway behind the triplex.
She also remembers a dog screaming and barking around the time that Ollie died.
“The dog kept barking constantly, constantly, constantly and then all of a sudden it just stopped,” she said.
She believes that was Ollie, and once she saw the reward posters in the neighborhood, she realized it was the same dog she saw in the alley.

Since Ollie’s death, the reward has grown to more than $40,000 for information leading to the killer. Posters were placed all over the neighborhood. And there are memorials set up in the community for Ollie.
Kristen Bagarozza and her boyfriend found Ollie in the suitcase at a vacant house on Lee Street, close to where police searched on Tuesday.
The hope now is that police are a step closer to finding who did this to Ollie and why.
“You need to stand up and turn yourself in cause you know you did this and that’s messed up,” Prince said.
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