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Brutal Man Coaxed Cat Closer To Him Then Kicked Him Into The Black Sea.

We heard about the kind people who were comforting some stray stray animals during the heavy, cold storm in Turkey. But, this story is about a monster person, who kicks an innocent kitty into the ocean.

The clip, that was posted by Sirin Babaa, is actually from 2016. Regardless of the video, nothing has been done to the evil man. Unfortunately, nobody knows what happened to the poor kitten. The Black sea’s waters were too icy and cold.

Turkey should improve their laws about animal abuse. Watch the video to see what the monster does with the innocent cat.

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Meet Woodcock Pocket & Charming Opal - The newborn twins of a 16-year-old horse

The birth of these twin foals is incredible because of three reasons.

  1. Horses giving birth to twin babies is extremely rare. Only one in about 10,000 horse births are twins.
  2. Only about 9% of these rare occurrences are actually carried to their terms.
  3. These twins are given birth by a 16-year-old horse which is quite uncommon as she is an older horse.

So these special foals named Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal were born back in 2011 and in the video you will see the amazing moment just after they were brought to this world by their mom Tiki.

Tiki is owned by a family who were certain of the twin foals' growth by the ultrasound of Tiki. The incredible foals were born in the Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City, IN in healthy and fit condition. The Huntington County Tab said, 'The 86-pound colt was born first, at about five minutes before midnight, healthy as — well — a horse. The filly was born about 10 minutes after midnight, weighing in at 59 pounds. The filly, although she was the smaller of the two, turned out to be the stronger of the pair — she was up and walking around within 10 minutes of birth, Laura Mason says."

Mares giving birth to twin babies are usually found to abandon one of the two kids, but Tiki proved to be a loving and caring mom by taking care of both her twins. Aren't they adorable? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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