Couple Adopts A Tiny Shelter Pup, When It Grows, It Turns To Be A Boston Great Dane!

You’ve to meet Yogi, the dog who was not the breed his parent thought he was.

Sue Markham, a woman, had brought a pup from a local shelter to her home, and told her husband that the puppy was a Jack Russell pup, but he was not. They then had a big dog in their home. They named the puppy Yogi, who was so far from being a Jack Russel because of his big size.

Yogi was a Boston Great Dane! And he is now, after 9 years, a healthy and fully-grown Great Dane. Robert Markham, Sue’s husband, was completely shocked after knowing the truth about their Jack Russel Yogi. Robert still loves Yogi, and he wasn’t upset as Sue had told a small lie for him!

The average weight of Boston Great Danes is 135 lbs, but Yogi’s weight is 65 lbs more than the average, yes! His weight is 200lbs. his length is 6’11’’! which is the height of an NBA player.

Sue and Robert had to use a horse blanket to keep him warm during winter, as his size was too big. Regardless of his massive size, Yogi is outgoing and friendly dog. He also be a friend with Toffee, a neighborhood cat. Toffee is not the couple’s cat, but he comes to their hose regularly to play with Yogi!

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