Two week old puppies were left in a dumpster to die, what happened next will blow your mind.

It’s surely heinous of someone to mistreat an animal but to turn a blind an eye to such cruelty is also no less cruel. Bad things happen not because of the bad people but because of the silence of good people, we need to raise our voice and fight injustice and cruelty as one. We need to help each other and extend this kindness not just to humans but animal as well.


In Dallas, Texas we came across the story of a rescue which will fill your heart with spirit to do good for others. Two week old pups were abandoned in a dumpster but these pups found their savior just in time. The rescuers took these puppies home with him. They were covered in fleas, so the first thing he did was to wash them and make them clean. The rescuer tried his best and cleared them of as many fleas as he could.

Even in light of all this misery these pups didn’t stop being cute and as the rescuer washes these puppies, they are ever so cute. They cringe and wave their limbs the best they could to stop water but are unable to do so. Thankfully the puppies were saved in just time.

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