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Zoo Keeper Gets Confused When He Spots Two Dogs Encounter With A Lion Face To Face

Friendship is one of the most powerful things in world, no matter if it is between humans, animals, or animals and humans, friendship is still friendship.

This story proves that friendship also knows no species or limits. It speaks about Bonedigger, a lion, and Abby, a small wiener dog, who are 2 best friends. They live at a wildlife park in Oklahoma, and their special bond leaves the workers shocked!

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When a husband and wife team found the baby fox in this video, he was stuck in a field and he was in desperate need of help. He was very weak, extremely dehydrated, and even had a wound on his neck that was bleeding. But this unlucky little fox actually got a stroke of much-needed luck when he was found because the wife works as a veterinarian. So the couple quickly got to work nursing the unhealthy fox back to health (after getting their own vaccinations against rabies, just in case).

The baby fox was brought to the couple's home and, after just a few days, they decided to bring him the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, which is located in Virginia. There, the fox spent 6 months recuperating in an outdoor enclosure until he was big and strong. Finally, he was ready to be released into the wild so he could live happy and free.

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