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Zoo Keeper Gets Confused When He Spots Two Dogs Encounter With A Lion Face To Face

Friendship is one of the most powerful things in world, no matter if it is between humans, animals, or animals and humans, friendship is still friendship.

This story proves that friendship also knows no species or limits. It speaks about Bonedigger, a lion, and Abby, a small wiener dog, who are 2 best friends. They live at a wildlife park in Oklahoma, and their special bond leaves the workers shocked!

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5 ways in which a dog expresses his love.

When you talk about loyalty, one of the examples that first come to mind is the allegiance of a dog to its owner. And that loyalty originates from the love that the dog carries for his possessor.

If a dog loves you, one of the gestures that indicate this is the playful battle that it wages with you. However, it may not come at the most inexpedient time; this is your dog's statement of 'I love you". 

Sometimes he will sleep with you to show affection while at times when you return from work, the dog will jump on you. This can be irritating sometimes though. 

However the most common indication of a dog's excitement is the wagging of the tail. 

A dog also chases you. It's because it considers you to be the pack leader so he can follow you to find food and shelter. Another reason, they will pursue you is that they consider you family and so they feel secure.

So if you start seeing these signs in your dog, you should consider yourself a loved one.

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