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She Asks Her Dog Not To Bark Loudly, His Response Is Hilarious!

Amazing trick

It is so much fun to teach your dog different tricks and skills so that you could make other dog owners jealous. Some breeds learn quickly while some are not so interested in anything other than eating and playing. However, fetch is the game that every dog loves to play. Teaching the dogs different things to do is so much fun and gives the owners lot of happiness when the oblige with you.


This woman has taught her dog a sill that we have never seen before. She taught her dog to bark softly and the dog obliges perfectly. Every time she tells him to bark a little softer, he does so and responds to her command. She keeps asking him to bark softer and softer and there comes a point where the dog is literally whispering and it is absolutely hilarious. He is an adorable and a funny dog and anyone would love to make this dog a part of their family.

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Donkey flies a coop but gets detained by the police for some reason

Helpful police

Squishy the donkey is known for getting lost every now and then and this is what happened on that day when he was found wandering along a rural Oklahoma road. The police officer was so kind that he opened the back door of his car and the donkey ditched in to enjoy a nice ride back home. Watching them enjoying this drive puts a smile on everyone's face and it makes us realize that police officers help us in so many ways that go unnoticed.


Returning the donkey

MSN News reported this incident that took place on December 4 and the name of the police officer is Kyle Canaan. Kyle knew that the donkey belonged to a chiropractor in town so he put the dog in the back seat just like a dog. The donkey is kept in a fenced-in area with electrical wiring system. It was learned later that the donkey is retired and he loves to take a stroll down the countryside in his leisure time.

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