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Recently Adopted Dog Can't Sleep Every Night Until He Slept With His Brother

This story speaks about Hedgie, who has been through a rough life, he never knew any happiness, or joyfulness, as he had been chained outside for his whole life.

Hedgie was afraid of everything and everyone. Fortunately, he was adopted but used to hid his head under the table.
One night, everything changed, when Mason decided to take his pet brother to sleep with him in the same bed. They directly became best friends, and Hedgie started acting so well. Watch the video above to have more information.
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This Dog Saved His Owner's Life By Doing Something Unthinkable

Billy Joel lives in Scott County, Minnesota, with his Pitt Bull & Boxer mix dog, Chance, for company. Billy got Chance as a little puppy and it has always been just the two of them living together. But now Chance is an old dog at 10 years, who also has hip dysplacia. One day Billy had an indoor accident, when he fell down and was knocked unconscious. His forehead cut open, and, he remained lying in his own pool of blood.


When Chance realized that his master's life was in danger, he somehow opened the screen door and even managed to jump across the tall chain link fence despite the hip dysplacia. He stood outside the neighbor's door, barking for help, while being completely covered in blood. The neighbors followed Chain and got Billy the medical attention he needed. Billy swears that if it wasn't for Chance, then he would most likely not be here anymore!

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