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Recently Adopted Dog Can't Sleep Every Night Until He Slept With His Brother

This story speaks about Hedgie, who has been through a rough life, he never knew any happiness, or joyfulness, as he had been chained outside for his whole life.

Hedgie was afraid of everything and everyone. Fortunately, he was adopted but used to hid his head under the table.
One night, everything changed, when Mason decided to take his pet brother to sleep with him in the same bed. They directly became best friends, and Hedgie started acting so well. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Tianna and Gianna are the twins and they are officially blind, they walked into Sandy's grooming salon. They told their mother about their Christmas wish. They adopted the disable dog now they are living as a family and the love triangle between those three people is heart touching. Those girls are very different from others girls. The bond of love between those three is pure and based on love their story is based on love and kindness. That's why this is the 'Triangle Of Love". Now, Gianna and Tianna hope their story inspires others to adopt a disabled pet.

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