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Old Woman Nearly Dies When Great Shark Smashes Headfirst Into Glass Tank!

A woman was filmed walking inside a nice blue aquarium wishing to see some nice fish. She saw a huge whale comes past her, and she looks in astonishment at the huge mammal. But the huge humpback whale swims away and she is left with an empty tank.

Her naughty grandchild asks her to tap on the window to take the attention of another whale, but she gets the attract of another creature!
A bid, ferocious shark rushes towards the glass, and crushes into it, leaving a big crack.

The terrified grandma throws herself to the ground to be saved. While her naughty grandchild can’t stop laughing!

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A surprise was found by them on the road and they absolutely loved that

Puppy on road

After spending a holiday weekend, Marti and Tsetso were heading home and it was a busy road in Bulgaria when they saw something that captured their attention. They explained that it was like that the puppy was waiting on the road, waiting for someone. She was so calm and composed and relaxed as well. Most of the people drove past her and no one paid attention to her and when they got closer, they found out that she was a Husky.


To add more twist to this story, they also found another dog that appeared to be her mother. She weighed only 30 pounds and was in a really bad condition. Both of them were badly malnourished and needed serious medical help. The amazing thing is that the dogs were not afraid of them and both of them clung to each other on their way to the vet.

Despite being timid, both of them were really sociable and well-behaved. They were never afraid of human contact and it is believed that they once had a home. They were then given medication and food and new names as the mother was called Siberia and the daughter was called Alaska.

Despite having such a painful past, both of them were brave enough to pull through, get better and found a loving home. They would spend the rest of their lives there happily as now they are living in Germany, perfectly happy and healthy indeed. They are enjoying their lives to its fullest and whoever abandoned them must be regretting after reading this story.

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