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Military Dog Has Been Seperated From His Partner For Two Years, Then She Hears Her Name

Sergeant Jason Bos and Cila, his K9 partner, went more than a hundred missions together in Iraq for five years. Sadly, Bos retired in 2012 due to an injury in his back, he went back to America without Cila.

Bos never stopped thinking about Cila, who retired after 2 years! He was flown to Chicago by the Mission K9 Rescue and American Humane Association. Bos was waiting for Cila at O’Hare International Airport, where they reunited again. Watch the video above to see the heartwarming reunion.
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The Vet caught on Video, choking and punching animals, under investigation!

An Ontario vet was shown on video chocking and hitting animals in his vet clinic at St. Catharines.

Staff at the Skyway Animal Hospital said on Wednesday that the vet in the video is Mahavir Singh Rekhi was suspended from the work because of misconduct last summer, and he had recently returned to his job. Rekhi was suspended because of professional misconduct at a College of Vets in last July, and he pleaded his guilty.

The employees recorded many videos and submitted them as evidence in the case of facts of their college’s decision. Rekhi grabbed a Chihuahua named Taz by the throat, and hit the poor dog many times in the face.

Another incident was documented in this case is when the bad vet, Rekhi, also punched a poor husky in the face, while it was under narcotic during a neuter process.

The nasty vet was forced to pay a $10,000 fine and he was suspended for 10 months, with the little option to make them just 6 months if he attended some training programs.
The lawyer of the vet said that Rekhi received death threats and he feared for the safety of his family.

His lawyer said that Rekhi came from a place that animals were treated in a different way in it.
So, some protesters gathered in front of the Skyway Animal Hospital which is located at Welland Avenue, after the doctor was free on Monday.

One of the protestors called Mike Robinson said that his dog, Molly, was a part of the investigations with Rekhi. The protestors expressed their hopes to stop acts like these from the vet. Watch the video above to have more information.

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