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Goose Acts Strange After Eating Few prescription pills Found On Grass, Thankfully Saved And survived

Huntington Beach, California, people at a park there called Chris Carr saw the wild birds acting strangely! A Canada goose fell on his back, and some the birds were walking slowly!

The people found hundreds of prescription pills on grass! The birds ate some of them, and wound up overdosing! A kind Samaritan called Brian McDaniel contacted animal control, who took the birds to Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange County. Thankfully, all the birds survived! Watch the video above to have more information.
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This Man Was Ignored By EveryOne, But He Did Somthing Unexpected To Get Attention, So Touching

Well, this really has to be one of the most inspirational and touching video I have seen. It starts with someone walking by the streets in a cute bear costume. Everyone is excited to meet the person in costume and exchange smiles and hugs with the adorable bear. It is amazing to see how he can put a smile on so many faces even on such a busy street.

The real inspirational story begins at the end when the costume top is removed and we discover who was inside all along. So do not proceed to read unless you want to spoil your first viewing experience. I repeat.. SPOILER ALERT.

We see Fabian inside the costume, he is handicapped and a lot of people who he comes in contact in his daily life ignore him due to his disability. The passenger seat right beside him in the public buses in almost always empty. Nobody likes sitting with him. Imagine how lonely his life would be and yet he puts on costume to put a smile on everyone else's face. People are not as much empathetic with him when he is not wearing his bear costume. That's too bad!

This video taught us a great lesson that we should not judge people with their appearance. And what a great way to put it forward for everyone. Hats off, Fabian!

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