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Family Dog Has Final Look Into Owner's Casket , The Footage Breaks Internet Hearts

The video above shows a touching moment for a dog, who had a chance to say goodbye to her owner.

Sadie, a 13-year-old dog, was raised from she was a little pup by Andy Baelieu, who suddenly passed away because of a heart attack. Unfortunately, Sadie lost about 10 pounds after just ten days of Andy’s death. She did not eat anything until she said goodbye and got closure from her dad casket. Watch the video above to have more information.
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Two Dogs Got scared by a Baby Lion

This video shows something really interesting and at the same time it proves that the lion is the king of the jungle, even when he is just a cub. The video shows two grown up dogs and two lion cubs and how the dogs get scared by the approaching lion cub, even though he was just trying to familiarize. The video is a great example of how attitude determines the position of creatures in the natural ecology.

The two dogs were already scared by the single lion cub that seem not even interested about them, and was moving in the opposite direction. Then the second lion cub approached, it never seems dangerous, rather he had an attitude of familiarizing itself with these other two new creatures. As the big dog of the two, watched the cub coming close, he moved to a safe distance, but the smaller one of the duo, was occupied with something else and did not actually notice that the cub was approaching him. When the cub came really close and was just about to touch the dog with his pout, the dog noticed it and he jumped away so quickly, that it looked like a spring. The video is really enjoyable.

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