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Dog Toys Danger : Dog owner loses her dog and warns other owners to be beware

Dog Toys Danger

Losing a dog is an almost unbearable pain that no pet owner should suffer but to escape the inescapable is not possible. Jamie Stumpf used Facebook to warn others about a toy danger that resulted in the ultimate death of her beloved dog. The photos she posted showed that the tongue of her dog Maximus. He had been playing with a type of dog toys which is a rubber ball with a hole in it and it got suctioned to his tongue and the outlook was horrific.


The injuries suffered by the dog are so severe that they left the dog with a tough choice. Maximus put a fight to stay alive but the tissues in the tongue had gotten damaged to a great extent and unfortunately, a day later, the dog died. The dog toys type she mentioned on Facebook is a Kong brand toy and this is the same toy that was marketed as the 'Beast". So if your dog has one of these toys, please take it away for the safety of the dog.


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