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Dad Pretends To Steal His Cat's Food From Bowl, Then His Cat Pulls The Bowl Back Again

Sharing food between human beings is something natural, but what will happen if you try to share the food with an animal?! An owner of a cat tried to share the food with him. The owner placed a bowl of yummy food for his cat on the floor, and then he crawled trying to 'steal his food' from him.

Then, he actually pretends to eat from his food making eating voices and gestures. So the cat fell because he thought that the owner wants to eat his food. So then he pulls the bowl closer to him, because he doesn't like sharing with other creature. The owner decides to repeat the same thing again, but the cat uses his paw again dragging the bowl close to him.
It is accorded that cats don't like to share food with others and keen for this.
One of the owners of cats said that he pour the food in the same bowl for his cats, and they accept to eat each other. He said this is because they are buddies, but the cats pretend to other creatures that when they look at their food '' Just be closer, and you will DIE''
This video shows the owner's tries to eat from the cat bowl.
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