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Cruel mother and son posted photos of a puppy locked inside a plastic bag

Height of cruelty

This brutal incident happened in November 2013 when a 44-year old woman named Mary Snell and her 21-year old son named Britton James were charged with animal cruelty for their heinous crimes. They crossed all the limits as they stuffed their puppy alive in the plastic bag and posted photos of him on the social media including Facebook. The little puppy was put inside a freezer and was nearly put to death before this incident appeared on the internet.

The punishment in a plastic bag!


The incident got on the internet when a man acknowledged this and it got viral on the internet. Snell acknowledged this but said that there was no other way to keep the puppy still for the photo so she put him inside the plastic bag just to take the photos. The pair wanted to show the world how small the puppy was and they couldn't find any other way except this. It was sheer luck that the puppy wasn't injured and thankfully he was given to another caring family as a result of this incident.

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