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Baby Panda Meets Its Mother For The First Time, Their Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Panda is something we associate cuteness with. The baby panda Yuan Zai is no different if not cuter. This little newly born panda was separated from her mother Yuan Yuan right at the time of birth. The baby panda was injured and had to be put in an incubator for 39 days in order to survive and then it was time to reunite the infant with his mother but since Yuan zai was separated from his mother right at the time of birth, there is a possibility she might not recognize him so the precautions were taken.


Finally the moment we were all waiting for is here and reunion goes beautifully successful. A mother, never mind the species always knows of her children and this panda is no different, she immediately gets what's going on gets so excited to see her child for the first time after separation. At first it takes time for parental instinct to kick in and Yuan Yuan struggles to hold the baby panda properly eventually she gets the hold of it and nurses her child like any other panda would. The whole scene is a true gift of nature and how a mother and a child longing for each other finally come together.

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A Teenage Girl From Utah With Shocking Photos Sparks Outrage, Death Threats

Photos on Facebook showing a 12-year-old lady from Utah boasting with corpses from a group have been targeted for criticism.

Many people from all over the world have shared on the girl’s page. One of the most argumentative photos showed Aryanna Gourdin, the girl, boasting with a big dead giraffe, holding her hunting rifle up as a sign of victory.

One user on Facebook commented saying thanks for reminding us that these stupid still exist…

Aryanna has been also shot with a rifle and a bow for hunting. The photos also showed some African animals, like zebras and giraffes, she has also been pictured with some North American animals like deer and bears.

Surprisingly, there was a person called Mark Martineau, family friend, who organized this trip to Africa with Eli, Aryanna’s father, and Aryanna, had defended the girl.

Martineau wrote on Facebook that Aryanna received some death threats, but why..? because of she wanting to hunt!, you menace the girl or her family, and you may blame her father and me and many others. But if you were us, I swear you would not hesitate a little bit.

The photos of Aryanna outraged more tough responses, the comments included some people striking her and some others defending. Some users said that the girl should die as the same way, on the other hand, some people said that Aryanna is helping to contribute the protection work.

The girl and her father are now out of the country. Mark Martineau says that they’ll speak to the media when they return.

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