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Baby Goat Day Activity Will Make You Smile

Adorably energetic goat

No matter if you ever had a goat or not, there's one thing about them that cannot be denied; they are absurdly energetic and adorable. They are acrobatic and are capable of doing things that other animals cannot. This is something that they can do in a closed space but if you leave them out in the open, you cannot imagine things they can do. This is exactly what this video is about featuring an acrobatic goat Maggie.

Maggie is a cute little baby goat living at Farm Animal that was founded back in 1986. This animal sanctuary has done massive things to fight against the animal cruelty and have given them love and care. This is why animals like Maggie live their life to the fullest at the sanctuary and her happiness can be clearly seen the way she reacts. She plays wildly out in the open and has loads of fun and when she is finally tired and had enough of it, mom steps in to tuck her to sleep.

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This man chose to be homeless for his dog.

Homeless people can associate more with dogs as they know both of are usually deprived of a home. But this story is a little different. It is about a man who chose homelessness over giving up his pet. Yup! Meet Dave Antonucci. A resident of Linden, New Jersey, he chose not to have a home rather than abandoning his pit bull, Petey.

Antonucci won't abandon Petey in order to stay qualified for homeless shelters though he receives Supplemental Security Income. Due to the dog, many shelters would reject the pair from spending the night. Dave and Petey would then go to their makeshift shelter beneath the train tracks.

But not so long ago a man called Bob Scutro collected some money for the two through a fundraiser. The reason was to find them rent free housing for a year. This way Antonucci would have sufficient time to get back on his feet so that he could start supporting himself and his dog. The response to the fundraiser has been excellent. Quite a few friends of Dave offered him a place to stay. Petey and Dave are currently staying with a friend in Rahway, NJ.

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