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Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater

Abandoned Dog In A Deep Crater Somebody Dumped There. When She Sees Rescuers? OMG

Thumbelina was found at the base of a profound pit, starved and isolated. The surrendered canine was glad to see rescuers appear. Hold up until you see her sweet response…

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Fifty years of slavery ends as Shirley joins the Elephant Sanctuary

5 decades in slavery

The story of Shirley the elephant is as emotional and inspiration as it gets. There is light at the end of the tunnel but Shirley had to wait 50 years to get to a place of her dreams. For the last two decades, Shirley was the only elephant at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo Solomon James is the name of her caretaker over the years but even he agrees that she needs to be with other elephants in order to be truly happy.


Cruel welcome

Shirley had to face even more suffering as she was attacked by another elephant as she arrived and she was badly crippled. Therefore the Zoo decided to take the elephant in but even they knew that it wasn't a good place for more than one elephant. The facilities were insufficient and that's why they decided to give up the elephant and give her a good life at Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee USA. There was an ecstatic surprise waiting for here over there and she finally got a home she always dreamed of.

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