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A Dog-Sized Rabbit Waiting To Find Forever Home

Rabbit Rescue Mission: A Dog-Sized Rabbit Waiting To Find Forever Home

This is a rabbit rescue request. This rabbit size of almost a dog, is searching for a new home with large space.

It is known that dogs and cats are the first two options for owning a pet. but sometimes, they might become your first enemy. So don't risk it and adopt a rabbit.

A lot of people are inclined to do that very thing thanks to Atlas the seven month old giant continental rabbit rescued by the Scottish SPCA. He's practically the only thing the internet is talking about today – which is a pretty big deal considering it's the day after the Super Bowl.

But rabbits like Atlas need special homes with an experienced owner who can handle this type of animal. The Scottish SPCA says that Atlas is extremely loving, but he also has a mischievous streak to his fluffball personality.

You can check out more of this pup…. umm… er… rabbit, in the below video:
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